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Top 5 Brewing Reminders

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

As the spring weather continues to roll in and our brew kits start rolling out, we wanted to share our top 5 brewing reminders.

* Please note, these are not formal instructions on how to run your BrewTus. Please refer to your provided Brewing Manual for in-depth details.


1. Equipment in the Water

If you are using a submersible heater, temperature probe, and diffuser, make sure all contents are in the tank before turning the power ON. If the heater is plugged in before going into the water, you could blow a fuse.

2. Water Quality

If you are using a dugout, make sure the pH of the water does not exceed 9.

If you are using treated water: make sure to add sodium thiosulphate to the tank water 15 minutes before adding any bacteria.

3. ACF-Nutrient (Powder)

Once your water temperature reaches 27C add the ACF- Nutrient powder. Brew the powdered nutrient for 48 hours - aerator on. NO NOT add any liquid.

4. ACF-SR (Liquids)

After the ACF-Nutrient powder has brewed for 48 hours you can add the ACF-SR liquid. Shake well and add both ACF-SR bottles to the brew. Brew for an additional 24 hours. Total time of 72 hours for the final brew product.

5. Dosage Rates

Each kit is comprised of:

1 X 10lbs box of ACF-Nutrient,

2 X 2.5-gallon jugs of ACF-SR.

All three components are required to complete a brew. 1 Brew Kit will brew in 300 gallons of water.


Have Questions?

Please give our Operations Manager, Ryan Parker a call or send us an email, we can help with any issues or questions you might have regarding your brew.

Cell: 403.332.3030

Office: 403.752.0278


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