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Town of Nanton Storm Pond

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Nanton, Alberta is located about an hour south of Calgary. The Town has made some improvements over the years to accomodate some growth and new residential developments.

As with any new residential development, comes new storm ponds to accomodate for runoff in rain events. With that runoff, a pond can see a huge range of chemicals, nutrients and other pollutants that cause algae, weed growth and odours.

The Town was looking at options for Westview pond. They decided on using aeration to cycle stagnant water and to add oxygen into the pond, but as another safe alternative, AdvancedAg was contacted. They suggested using ComboPacks to combat these issues, and it made a huge difference just in the first year of use for the Town.

The residents went from having a mess of a pond right in their backyards, to having a sanctuary they can walk, bike and hang out around.

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