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Fall Pond Care Made Simple

At AdvancedAg, we're committed to not only offering solutions but also providing you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions for your aquatic ecosystem. As we transition into fall and winter, pond maintenance and care can ultimately lead to a more successful 2024 season.



A*LIVE EcoBac Pellets: The Leader in Natural Pond Remediation

Our A*LIVE EcoBac Pellets are designed to restore and maintain the health of your pond naturally and effectively. These pellets contain a carefully selected blend of beneficial bacteria that offer a range of benefits to your aquatic environment and actively target the sludge-layer even during colder months.

Benefits of a Fall Application:

1. Fall Sludge Digestion: With the arrival of fall, leaves and organic matter find their way into your pond/dug out, contributing to the accumulation of sludge. A*LIVE EcoBac Pellets consist of sludge-digesting bacteria that actively and aggressively consume sludge, ensuring your pond remains clean throughout the winter. This is especially crucial for spring success, as excess sludge is the ideal environment for algal blooms, weed growth, and nutrient excess.

2. Effective Nutrient Cycling: Excessive nutrients, like nitrogen and phosphorus, accumulate in pond sediment which ultimately leads to unsightly algae blooms. A*LIVE EcoBac Pellets excel at nutrient cycling by breaking down organic matter in the sediment and converting it into forms that are less prone to leaching into the water column. This natural process keeps nutrient levels in check, reducing the risk of nutrient-related problems in the spring.

3. Winter-Ready Maintenance: Your pond requires care even during the colder months. By applying A*LIVE EcoBac Pellets in the fall, you ensure that your pond remains healthy and biologically proactive throughout the winter. This preventative approach will reduce the effort needed for spring maintenance and set your pond up for success as temperatures rise.

4. Environmentally Conscious: Unlike chemical treatments that can harm aquatic life and disrupt the natural balance of an aquatic system, A*LIVE EcoBac Pellets promote and contribute to natural processes within your pond. They promote sustainability, biodiversity, and harmony in an aquatic ecosystem, making them the environmentally responsible choice.

Your pond is a dynamic ecosystem, and taking steps to maintain its health now can yield significant rewards in the future.

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