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Bayberry Hills Golf Course

Updated: Apr 19, 2022


Bayberry Hills Golf Course (BHGC) located in Yarmouth, Massachusetts, is a premier golf destination on Cape Cod. Rick Lawlor, Golf Course Superintendent, treated two decorative ponds with ComboPacks with great success. This case study, however, focused on the irrigation pond where algae blooms were not only unsightly, but also caused filter intake clogging and poor irrigation water quality.

Algae Problems in the Irrigation Pond

The Bayberry Hills irrigation pond is 1.1 acres. For years, this pond suffered from surface algae problems and algae bloom but also caused the irrigation intake, filters to clog, requiring many hours of manual cleaning. Until BHGC used ComboPacks, manual algae surface skimming and intake filter maintenance took up countless man-hours.

After seeing the ComboPack success in his decorative ponds, Rick Lawlor decided to treat the irrigation pond starting on July 12, 2012. Algae scum and toxins can be harmful to greens and turf – especially when coupled with poor air circulation, compacted soils and extended periods of profile wetness. Algal scum slows water infiltration, keeps thatch wet and impedes oxygen/gas exchange into and out of the soil profile. The use of ComboPacks in irrigation ponds alleviates these problems. Eliminating severe algae blooms in irrigation ponds saved many man hours cleaning out irrigation intake filters as well as providing the clean, clear water in the irrigation ponds.

ComboPack Dose and Results

On July 26, 2012 the first dose (4 ComboPacks) was applied to the irrigation pond. As can be seen in the photo to the left, before treatment, the entire 1.1-acre pond surface was covered with floating algae and scum. Two weeks after the first treatment the severe algae blooms were quickly fading away. Just two weeks after the first treatment, the pond was clear, beautiful and remained that way for the rest of the season. Rick Lawlor, Golf Course Superintendent commented,

"The pictures speak for themselves about the effectiveness of PondPerfect ComboPacks. I’ve never seen anything that works better.”

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