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Backyard Pond

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

“Having a 3400 gallon Koi pond for over 10 years I have had a constant battle dealing with water quality including our favourite enemy #1, algae. I have tried a variety of products over the years spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the process, and have never been able to find a single long term solution until now.

After seeing PondPerfect advertised, I contacted AdvancedAg Inc. and had a site visit by a company representative to discuss my concerns and had several options explained to me. I started fast-acting liquid PondPerfect the same day in conjunction with a slow-release, powdered EcoSock and within 3 weeks, I started to see a significant improvement in water quality within my Koi Pond. I now do a weekly maintenance dose of liquid PondPerfect based on the size of my pond and have been able to maintain water clarity even on the hottest of days including periods of algae bloom.

It is important to be patient because you will not see results overnight as it takes time for the product to work its magic. I would recommend anyone with a backyard pond that wants to have water clarity, elimination of pond odours, built-up sludge to give PondPerfect a try. You will not be disappointed."

- Jack Van Rijn

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