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City of Calgary Storm Pond Restoration

Updated: Feb 5

AdvancedWater/ City of Calgary storm pond restoration:

“As a member of the Board of Directors of the Country Hills Town Centre Shoreline Association, we oversee the maintenance of the park surrounding the largest stormwater pond in Calgary. Several years ago, the condition of the pond was horrible. Weeds and algae clogged the whole pond, from the shoreline and along the berms, which extended to the centre of the pond. Conditions were so bad that the pond and its algae produced a bad odour. We worried about the dogs that often jumped into the pond.

Wild waterfowl stayed away from the pond. Then, the City began to spray bacteria-based products (AdvancedWater’s bio products) on a weekly basis. The improvement has been considerable. Every year since the bacterial spray (which is not harmful to the environment) has been used, there are more and more water birds frequenting the pond. We no longer worry about local dogs jumping into the water! As well, water from here ultimately flows into the Bow River. Our pond water is a healthy ecosystem now!”

- David Driftmier Country Hills Town Centre Shoreline Association

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