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Become a "BrewMaster" in 3 Easy Steps.

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Each BrewTus™ comes with one-on-one training and certification from one of AAG’s BrewMasters.For growers large and small, brewing Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria on-site can be advantageous, both economically and functionally.

On-site brewing is a unique option from AdvancedAg, which will improve efficiencies and allow for the simple distribution of all of AdvancedAg’s bioproducts. AdvancedAg will provide the equipment, training, bacteria, and nutrients. AdvancedAg’s brewing process is far more than just rehydrating dry spore form bacteria products. BrewTus™ promotes controlled rapid growth and enhanced enzyme production, providing significantly improved performance.

Step #1

Contact AAG and purchase the right BrewTus™ for your industry.

Step #2

Schedule your on-site BrewTus™ equipment installation & training.

Step #3

Begin brewing and selling Gold Standard AdvancedAg products.

“Taking care of on-site brewing equipment is simple.

If you can maintain a goldfish tank, you can handle this with ease.”

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